We believe the best way to capture the character of a location is to photograph the people that live there.


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Hi! My name's Cyrus, I'm a cityscape photographer and videographer. With a background in film, I strive to showcase the stories in everything I capture.

Cyrus Nezami


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Hey ! My name is Gigi.

Fashion & portrait is definitely my favourite thing to shoot, but recently I have been enjoying shooting landscapes and cityscapes. That gives me a chance to showcase not just the people I get to shoot while travelling, but also to show all the beautiful place I get to see.

Gigi Umbrasaite


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Based in London UK, but love to travel the world! Shooting portraits at night or on the tube is my favourite type of shoot! I have a soft spot for neons, mix them with a prism and I'm happy!

Will travel for good pizza!

Gareth Davies 


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What's up guys! My name is Mike Will, I'm the founder of the Shooters Community & a Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador! I love shooting everything from night photography and street, to portraits and live music!

Mike Will


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