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The Portrait Shooters team is all about fostering a legendary community for people who are passionate about the art of portrait photography. Whether it's our monthly meetups, competitions, or workshops, the goal is always the same; to bring people together & have a great time.



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What's up guys! My name is Mike Will, I'm the founder of the Shooters Community & a Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador! I love shooting everything from night photography and street, to portraits and live music!

Mike Will


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Hey, I'm Alex! I'm an LA-based photographer and photography coach. I love shooting a wide range of portrait styles, although most of my work is very whimsical and dream-like!

Alex Miller


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Hey, my name is Jon Snip, & I shoot portraits in Malibu, California. My passion is to create beautiful images which represent people in a powerful way, and to coach & inspire others to do the same.

Jonathan David


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Hey guys!  I'm Daniel, a photographer/digital artist based in Minneapolis MN.  I love thinking outside the box on my concepts and creating visual stories that make you want to be in them.

Daniel Little


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Howdy! I am Lavina, LA based photographer. I enjoy shooting various genres - from landscape to portraits. I’m fuelled by my passion for nature, community building & coffee!

Lavina Lalchandani


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If you are a photographer or videographer, make sure you don't miss our next meet up. Get your camera ready and join us!

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