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We are Dutch.Shooters! We love to assemble talented creators and inspire them to keep pushing their creative boundaries. Our mission is to influence and inspire like-minded individuals to show the beauty and hidden spots of the Netherlands. Let's go out and shoot!

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I’m Arantja, a filmmaker based in the high tech city of Eindhoven and I’m all about storytelling! I love seeing clean lines, movement and strong ambiances. I love photography, but will also be on the lookout for awesome Dutch time based media shots.

Arantja Rosalina 


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Hey! I’m Olivier, I’m a photographer based in Delft who loves to push creative boundaries. One can definitely find me roaming the streets or mountains with some frankenstein gear setup. I’m an absolute fan of strange (self-created) gadgets to get the most out of my shots.

Olivier Groot


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Whatsup! I'm Ashwien, i’m Freelance Photographer & Filmmaker. Started photography when i was around 12 years old with an Olympus mju ii. Didn't know a thing about it but really liked getting the shots. A few years later when I got my first drone I fell in love immediately.

Ashwien Jurawan


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Shooters profile @jeanineverbraak by Miq

Hi! I’m Jeanine, an outdoor photographer based in Rotterdam. Originally from the rural south of the Netherlands. I often go out to explore nature and capture moments that can be valuable to someone else. My favorite trips involve wildlife, mountain tops or island hopping.

Jeanine Verbraak


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Hello! I am Sofieke, a photographer originally from the Netherlands, but now based in Munich! Over the past few years, I have lived in various places around the world. This is also how I fell in love with photography: connecting with different cultures and communities!

Sofieke van Bilsen


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If you are a photographer or videographer, make sure you don't miss our next meet up. Get your camera ready and join us!

Find out more about our previous and upcoming events below.


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