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Phl.Shooters is a creative photography community in Philadelphia, formerly known as @phillycollective. We pride ourselves on community over competition and believe strongly  in uplifting our city and the photographers within it.




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Hey everyone, my name is Josh Pellegrini and I am a co-founder of @phl.shooters. I run a production company and have had the pleasure of working with companies like Four Seasons and Comcast. I am passionate about capturing my city in color and enjoy a mix of cityscape and street photography. 

Josh Pellegrini


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Hey everyone, my name is Steve. I run my photography company that offers services in portrait, family, engagement, and mainly wedding photography. When I'm not travelling and shooting, you can catch me playing hockey, or hiking/fishing.  

Steve Dampman


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Hey! My name is Chris. I grew up in a small town suburb outside of Philadelphia, and I was always fascinated by the city as a kid. Through my background in architecture, I am often more interested in exploring “what could be” rather than “what is.”

Chris Hytha

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Hey! My name is Patrick. I love walking the city, looking for different ways to tell stories with my camera and meeting incredible people in the area. My ultimate goal is to travel and photograph streets all over the world.

Patrick McAllister


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If you are a photographer or videographer, make sure you don't miss our next meet up. Get your camera ready and join us!

Find out more about our previous and upcoming events below.


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